The Quality Assurance Standard is a comprehensive independent audit system for carbon offsets. Approved offsets are checked against a 40 point checklist to ensure they meet the very highest standards in the world.
Companies put their trust in the QAS to ensure their environmental credibility is Beyond Doubt.


Beyond Doubt

  • Our 40 point checklist makes the QAS the most comprehensive standard in the world for carbon offsetting.
    We cover emissions factors, calculation methodologies, project methodologies, registry retiral, radiative forcing index, DEFRA Green Claims Guidance, pricing and other information provision, company checks and more
  • We simplify complex multi-dimensional criteria into one easily recognisable over-arching standard
  • We set, advocate and promote high standards of environmental integrity for our clients
  • Our fee structure offers excellent value for carbon offset providers and airlines, either through the IATA programme or independently

Carbon neutral certification and carbon offset audit

1. We provide carbon offset and carbon neutral certification audit worldwide

The QAS has clients in several countries and is structured to handle the audit of companies selling carbon offsets and carbon neutral certification worldwide.

2. The QAS Quality Mark is awarded after comprehensive checks are performed by an independent auditor

Our independent auditor is Ricardo-AEA Ltd, a global environmental consultancy with considerable experience and expertise in the audit of carbon offsets.

3. Carbon neutrality depends on robust carbon offsets

Companies wishing to take responsibility for their carbon footprint should first try to reduce their emissions. However carbon offsetting remains the only way to deal with residual emissions and achieve carbon neutrality.

4. The QAS permits some kinds of VERs

Many companies choose compliance-grade projects for their carbon offsets. However some voluntary projects measure up to the same high standards – specifically Gold Standard VERs and VCS version 2 onwards. See our requirements section for more details.

5. We are not a trade body for the carbon offset industry

We approve carbon offsets, nor the companies providing them. Our mission is to drive up standards in the carbon offset sector and simplify quality control.

6. We prohibit companies selling QAS-approved carbon offsets for investment purposes

After a series of incidents where carbon credits have been sold for investment purposes outwith the control of the FSA, the QAS insists that any companies selling QAS-approved offsets refrain from such activities.


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